Wedding Favors That Don’t Suck

wedding favors

Wedding favors are generally hit or miss. It’s actually a growing trend that brides (and grooms) are electing not to distribute favors for their weddings. Depending on what you do, it can be a high dollar investment. Unless you put the favors in your guests’ hands, it’s likely they’ll walk away from your wedding without it. Who is going to remember a bag of Jordan almonds after they’ve spent the night drinking and dancing at your reception? Here’s my advice:

Skip the wedding favors, or pick one that doesn’t suck.

Burned CD – This one can be a bit of a time investment, and is also a bit going out of style. However, giving your guests a “mixtape” is a blast! Whether the songs are top hits they’ll hear at your wedding (to relive the night) or a subtle homage to the bride and groom, it’s an easy way to do something fun. Plus, this is more of a time investment than a monetary investment since you can get 50 blank CDs for $10 or less.

Matches – Beyond their ability to be a “match made in heaven”, everyone needs matches in their life. Whether you’re lighting birthday candles or setting the ambiance for a bubble bath, matches are something that will be used in someone’s home.

Koozies – Believe it or not, koozies are not overdone. Yes, “To have and to hold and to keep your beer cold” is overdone, but everyone uses koozies! I have a box in my house of the koozies I’ve grabbed from weddings that I worked or attended.

Cups  – There are a couple of different ways this could go. You can purchase some personalized plastic cups (kind of like koozies) that you can keep at the bar and let guests take home. If you’re willing to spend a pretty penny, you can do chalkboard labels on mason jars or stemless wine glasses.

Baked Goods – Yes, there likely will be cake. However, who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie or cake pop?!

It’s very important to show gratitude to those who are kind enough to come out and celebrate your wedding with you. However, wedding favors aren’t for everyone. Don’t just do something for the sake of doing it. Make sure it’s personalized and meaningful.

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Title photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash.

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  1. I don’t usually use Pinterest because FB and Insta take up all my spare time already. But when I saw your post on FB Boss Babes about wedding favors, I followed through and read (red) ypur piece. And then Followed your Pinterest. Maybe you can coax me into using it!
    I love the idea of party gifts. I’ve been working on a similar line of pists for my wedding planning business @wednorth .ca and love the following favours (as we spell it up north;-):
    – Wildflower seeds (or any kind of seeds, bought or collected) in personalized packets (store-bought or handmade).
    – Herb and floral infused sage smudge sticks. They’re relatively easy and inexpensive to make but with both of these ideas, the DIY component starts a year in advance.

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