I Do? or I Don’t? Thoughts on a First Look

Thoughts on a First Look

It’s become a growing trend in weddings over the last few years to do a “First Look” with your groom. It gives you two the opportunity to “soak in” each other before being in front of all of your guests for the remainder of the day. When our parents were getting married, no one had ever thought of doing something like this. It was blasphemy to see your future bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony.

There are still plenty of those in the world who want a middle ground in this. I personally think I may fall into this category (Sorry, mom & dad.). Hear me out:

Your future spouse is your best friend. They know you in a way that no one else really does. Chances are, you probably have some butterflies or jitters before your wedding. Don’t you want the opportunity to speak to that person to have them calm you down? It’s possible to do this while still maintaining the integrity of not “seeing” the bride before the ceremony.

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I don’t personally think a blindfold would be the best fit, but you get the picture. Taking just a few moment before the ceremony with you and your future spouse is a lovely idea. The rest of the day will be FULL of people. Take a couple of moments just to yourselves.

You can always share an actual first look with your future spouse as well. Having that intimate moment away from a ceremony full of people makes sense a lot of the time. Again, get lost in those moments with just the two of you. As a bride, when you’re walking down the aisle, everyone will be looking at you. That’s a whole lot of eyeballs when your heart really only cares about two of them.

So, in the end, I suppose I’m pro first contact. I think I still want my future husband to see me for the first time as I’m walking down the aisle, but I do want to steal a few minutes with him before the ceremony. Who knows? He may feel differently. Do whatever you and your future spouse feels is best. Follow your heart.

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