Beginner’s Guide to Engagement Photos

A question I see asked a lot is, “What should I wear for my engagement photos?!”. It’s an interesting question for sure. For starters, of course, you need to consider the setting of your photos. Will you be taking photos in a flower garden? In a desert? By the water? In the cold? Will it be hot?

While I’m more than happy to provide some detailed outfit inspiration ideas, it’s difficult to tell someone how to dress if you don’t know where they’re taking their engagement photos. (This is your cue to shoot me an email and ask for my help!) However, I’ve got some tips and tricks to look gorgeous and keep your photos timeless.

1. Coordinate, but don’t match.

Engagement #1


It seems counter-intuitive to coordinate with your S.O. and not match them. Trust me. How many of your parents’ photos have you looked at where they matched and made a joke? Just make sure your colors are complementary to each other, not clashing.

2. Avoid patterns.

Engagement #2


A lot of times, women will go to the store and look at new or trending items. Adding patterns or “trends” to whatever you’re wearing IMMEDIATELY dates your photos. Just avoid trends at all costs.

3. Add a pop of color.

Engagement #3


It’s fun to wear white for your engagement photos. Don’t make them look too bridal though. Add a pop of color in there somewhere, whether it’s your shoes, accessories, or even a prop!

4. Be true to who you are as a couple.

Engagement #4


If you don’t wear jeans or pastel colored dresses every day, don’t wear that to take engagement photos. You’re going to have more fun and feel like yourself if you dress the way that you want to.
Taking engagement photos should be a fun part of your wedding prep. It’s a nice way to have some pre-marriage memories to share with your future spouse. If you want some ideas, send me a message or leave a comment, and I’ll help you out!
Title photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash.

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