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I’m writing this blog from the air, traveling from Atlanta to Vegas for a trade show. It’s been a minute since I traveled. Actually, last summer was the last time I boarded a plane before today.

Sometimes, it’s hard to travel and maintain a beauty routine. If you’re like me, your skin is sensitive, and the least bit of irritation is enough to trigger a huge breakout. I used to not care so much about keeping with the routine. As I’ve gotten a bit older and really solidified those products that do (or don’t) work for me, my routine is precious.

Once upon a time, I loved travel size things! It’s like fun-size candy. They’re petite versions of things you already know and love. However, I was finding myself spending $20 for small versions of things I had at home! That was just preposterous for someone trying to be more fiscally responsible.

Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion

I love this lotion. It doesn’t have an overwhelming scent, but is really good about keeping my skin soft and hydrated. Additionally, it’s light enough that I can use it on my face should I run into a sunburn or dryness from winter cold.

Cetaphil Face Wash

This was largely recommended by my dermatologist. Once I got off of a daily medication for my acne, she recommended Dove soap and Cetaphil. Now, I use the store brand (most often from Walmart), but I have not experienced a difference from name brand.

TRESemme Deep Cleansing Shampoo

My hair is thin, and, in addition to my clogged skin, my hair gets greasy pretty quickly. It’s been an ordeal working to find a good shampoo that will clean out my hair without drying it out too bad. This has been the best option for me so far.

TRESemme Tres Two Spray with Extra Hold

Sometimes, I’ll curl my hair when I travel. All that requires is some hairspray. I generally prefer the stronger “5 rated” can, but they don’t make that in travel size. This is one thing that I purchase travel size of because I cannot keep my big bottle in a carry on.

Beautiful Day Body Spray from Bath & Body Works

I actually rotate through perfumes. One of my other favorite scents is “Mad About You”, also from Bath & Body Works. It’s just important to stay fresh when you work from 7am to 11pm.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Spray

Obviously, you’re traveling with your belongings in a suitcase or bag. Take this along to help spray and stretch out any wrinkles that came about from being stuffed into a carry on. It really works, though I would recommend doing it a couple of hours before you need that particular clothing item as it does take some time to dry.

Bausch & Lomb Advanced Eye Relief Drops

My eyes tend to get irritated. Whether it’s the makeup or the beds or what have you, my eyes get bothered. I used to just blink it off, but eye drops really do work wonders. I don’t even wear contacts or have any diagnosed eye irritation, but I almost always have eye drops with me.

Crest 3D White Toothpaste

Gotta keep your breath fresh. I also prefer not to sacrifice my whitening toothpaste just because I’m traveling. Side note, does toothpaste count as a liquid? Or can I start bringing my full size tube from here on?

Exfoliating Wet Cleansing Towelettes

I’ve tried a bunch of different wipes for the end of the day to take off my makeup. I’ve tried the liquid removers, but I always felt that it left behind some gross residue on my face. The standard “makeup remover wipes” didn’t do anything special for me. These were a recent find. One side is a smooth cloth to remove the makeup, and the other side is an exfoliant to remove a bit more of the day. It’s gentle, but aggressive as well.

10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment Gel

I usually use this when I have flare ups, or I feel my skin is getting excessively clogged. Like the wipes, it’s gentle but aggressive when I need it to be.

Toothbrush, Razor, Medical Tape, & an Ankle Brace

These are¬†my standards. I am always nervous flying with a razor though. Part of me things they’re still going to ask me to take it out of my bag and such. Being on my feet all day, my plantar facitis can act up, so I’m always sure to have an ankle brace and some medical tape on hand.


My makeup routine is super simple. I bring some extra eyeshadow or mascara along just in case we go somewhere fancy or do something exciting. I have yet to use the eyeshadow on a business trip.

What are things you can’t live without when you travel?


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  1. I pack light, just like you. And btw, you have to travel with a small tube of toothpaste. My regular size toothpaste in my suitcase was the reason we missed our flight in October! They tossed out my brand new tube of toothpaste right there!
    I have found the Dollar General wrinkle release better than anything on the market. And it’s $1.98 for a big 409 size spray bottle. I just put some in a little spritzer and go!
    I always travel with hand wipes and sanitizer. Keeps us from getting sick in close quarters. And makeup? I just do eye liner and mascara. Nothing else. I back packed around Europe for 6 weeks so I learned to travel very light and efficient from that! I love reading your blog. Love to you in Vegas!

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