After The End by Clare Makintosh

This was another selection from NetGalley. Thanks, Penguin Group! I was immediately drawn to After the End because it was described as being as emotional as My Sister’s Keeper. We all know I’m a BIG Jodi Picoult fan.

The Story

After the End follows Max and Pip, parents to a sweet two-year-old boy. Unfortunately the little boy has a terrible brain tumor. Ultimately, the doctors make the recommendation that palliative care is the best course forward for the little boy. Max and Pip do not agree, and the end up going to court.

The Issues

I want to start this section by saying that After the End was written beautifully. The author expertly gave each character a unique voice.

Was the connection to Jodi Picoult novels a stretch? Yes. I can see how you’d see that since a lot of her novels surround traumatic events, but I wouldn’t compare it that way.

My number one issue with this novel is the fact that it not only deals with the loss of a child, but it pins his parents against each other. I could NEVER recommend this book to a parent, especially a parent to a young child.

The second HALF of the book is told in two parts, each different depending on the verdict. The story lines were both different and the same, making it difficult to keep track of who won where. There was cheating and anger and lies. I just don’t get it.

Bonus: The Bear

Yes, I had another ARC called The Bear. I think it was awful, so I refuse to dedicate an entire blog post to it. If you’re a fan of books where the characters don’t actually have names and it’s written like a story you hear by a campfire, then you may love it.

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