Bon Appetit: Sweet Potato Fries

Any given day, I would rather have a sweet potato fry than a regular potato fry. It’s been my quest since I moved into this new apartment to find the perfect sweet potato fry. After a lot of tries…most of them extremely mediocre…I have achieved the perfect, delicious sweet potato fry. This is a really […]

Bon Appetit: Everything Sauce

Happy Friday! I’m still in the process of recovering from my company’s conference, but blogging never sleeps. The recipe I’m going to share with you today is for, what most people call Burger Sauce. However, it’s really an “everything sauce”…tacos, chicken, fries, veggies, etc. This recipe started as most do: I wanted Zax Sauce at […]


I’ve been feeling super efficient since I got home from work. I purchased my first domain today! Welcome to AdventuresInNonsense. Same purpose. New name. I’ve been eating super poorly recently. Between the holidays and traveling, I haven’t been taking care of myself. Grocery shopping trips have been super short, and I’ve been grabbing things like […]