Lenten Season

Today is Ash Wednesday. That means that it’s the beginning of another lenten season, leading up to Easter Sunday. It’s all happening a bit early this year. I mean, Easter is April 1st! There are a ton of things happening between now and then (#staytuned), so it’s going to be a very busy Lent.

Each year, we’re meant to do something to make us better people during Lent. Some people interpret this as giving up something that we find to be an indulgence or a sacrifice. For my parents, they usually give up sugar and sweets for Lent. It was usually unfortunate because my birthday has always been fairly close to Ash Wednesday, but they would let themselves #treatyoself and have a slice of cake.

Last year, I did The Bible Challenge starting Ash Wednesday. It’s actually looking (upon reflection) like my “sacrifices” this year are pretty similar to what I did last year.

  1. No drinking alone. I’ve actually been pretty good about not drinking a ton of alcohol so far in the new year. Work has been a bit stressful as of late, so not being able to have that glass of wine when I get home will involve a ton of self control.
  2. Read the bible. I just got a BEAUTIFUL bible. ┬áIt’s almost so beautiful that I don’t want to touch it yet, but it’s time for me to break those thoughts.
  3. Workout more. After an altercation with a neighbor, I’ve been terrified to even live in my home, let alone work out. I do have my stationary bike that has been great, but I’d really like to work out more.

They’re simple goals, but they’re all meant to improve me as a person. That’s really what Lent is all about, doing something to improve you as a person and bring you closer to your faith. Do you have any goals this Lenten season?

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