Summer 2017 Playlist & My Favorite Music

I feel like all of my favorite music comes out in the summer. I love that Spotify has “Discover Weekly”. So many of my new favorite songs and bands have come from this weekly curated playlist. Let’s talk about some of my favorite artists.


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For starters, these guys are super handsome, so it’s only more attractive that they play music too. HERESTOFIGHTIN is based out of Denver, CO, classified as indie-folk. Their first album, Becoming Native, is amazing. It’s definitely one of those that I love turning up really loud and driving with my windows down (when it’s not blisteringly hot). It breaks my heart that they’re almost exclusively in Colorado. I’d love to see them in Athens or Atlanta one day.

The Cadillac Three

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This band has been known by many a name. I think I first heard them on the Greek soundtrack back when they were “American Bang”. They’re really gritty country music with a lot of hair. “The South” is one of my favorite songs of all time.

True Story: They came to Athens to play at the Georgia Theatre one day in spring 2016. I didn’t have ticket because another event conflicted with their concert. OF COURSE, the event ended earlier than anticipated, and we could have gone to the concert. We attempted to do a bit of a “sneak in” and get in from the rooftop bar. As we’re admitting defeat, waiting for the elevator to take us back down to road level, THEY WALKED OFF THE ELEVATOR. I was so caught off guard that they just walked past me and I didn’t say anything. I was so sad for the rest of the evening. The Cadillac Three, if you’re reading this, I’d love to make up for past mistakes and get a picture with you.

Brett Eldredge

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Often, you’ll hear me say that Brett Eldredge is the ideal perfect husband. He’s goofy, loves his mother, and loves his dog. I cannot wait until the release of his self-titled album. “Love Someone” is exactly what I want from a man, so…yes please. “A Phone Call to God” from The Shack soundtrack is also just beautiful music. The one time he came to Atlanta, I was on my first vacation in almost three  years. Broke my heart a bit.


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If you’re ever looking for a heavy, contemporary piece to dance to, their album A/B, has got you covered. I don’t even know to pronounce my favorite song from the album. They’re Icelandic.


Harper Grae

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It’s weird, but the first way I would describe this girl is by “precious”. She just has one of those fun voices that you just want to sing along with. “Free” is definitely noteworthy, and worth a listen.

“You can’t chain a mountain / You can’t cage the sea / I’m meant to be free”

Other Artists of Note

Umm…hello? Both Kesha and Demi Lovato came out with power songs. Both about strength, picking up and moving on. Darius Rucker also has a new one, “For The First Time”. This song is about taking chances…”When was the last time / You did something for the first time?”

I’ve also been listening a lot to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra especially at work. They did a live show with Josh Pyke, and it’s just lovely. I think it gives me visions of Broadway.

What are your summer favorites?

I always love finding new music. Please don’t recommend “Despacito” or anything from the current Top 40. There’s a reason I don’t listen to the radio anymore. If you’re an artist in/around the Athens/Atlanta area, let me know! I’d love to hear your stuff or see you play.


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