Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day


Well, it’s that time of year again. It’s Valentine’s Day. If you’re like me, you don’t have a (human) valentine. Let me tell you something:

It’s okay!

Valentine’s Day has been over-capitalized. Yes, this blog post will probably sound like the rant of a bitter single girl, but it really isn’t. Even when I was someone’s girlfriend, I didn’t like the day. Restaurants triple the prices of pre-set menus just because it’s a holiday? I knew a couple a few years ago who spent almost $200 per person to go to a local restaurant for Valentine’s Day. They also had to book a reservation weeks in advance. 

If you’re your own valentine this year, here are some helpful guides to get you through the day. Andi Dorfman in her book It’s Not Okay shares that there are three types of girls on V-Day. Screw the happy girls in love. This is for all you single ladies.

The Sad, Single Valentine

We’ve all been here. Maybe you are recently out of a relationship, or you’re mourning the fact that you’re the last single girl in your friend group. It’s easy to get sad on a day that’s all about love. To survive the day, here’s what you need:

Wine – Or alcohol of your choosing. If you’re a sad drunk, just be aware that it may make you more sad. If you’re a sleepy drunk, then it will just help to end the day a little earlier! Head to your nearest liquor store, or treat yourself to a subscription box (It’s the gift that keeps on giving!).

Wine of the Month clubs

Movies – Now, I’m not much of a movie watcher. It takes too much of my brain power to sit for that long and just watch movies. These are some of my favorite movies to watch when I know I want to cry.

Things to make you cozy. – We all feel cozy in different ways. Maybe you like fuzzy socks and a big bathrobe. Maybe you’re more of someone (like me) who would rather curl up under a nice sherpa blanket.

Something sweet. – Whether you’re more of a fruity person or a chocolate person or an ice cream person or whatever, get something sweet. You’re the best valentine and deserve it.

The Female Power Valentine

A few years ago, I was a bit of a sad valentine. This year, I’m all about me and how I deserve to treat myself and do good things. A lot of the same things carry over from the sad, single valentine, but in a different light.

Wine – You’re not drinking to forget. You are drinking to have a good time! Maybe you’re with your girlfriends and you’re trying a bunch of different wines. This is a way to have fun with it.

Movies/TV Shows – Watch something fun! Be indulgent and rewatch your favorite series or FINALLY get around to watching that show your friend has been raving about for months.

Food – Girl, binge on everything. Spending Valentine’s Day alone/single is not the day to be on a diet. Was anyone ever genuinely happy after eating a salad? Get the sweets, but also make that truffle pasta you’ve been dying to try. Be creative in the kitchen.

Treat yourself! – Buy that pair of shoes you wanted. Get a pedicure. Just do something that day that makes you happy.

Being alone on Valentine’s Day isn’t all bad. Go into it with the right mindset, and the right “tools”, and you can get through it. Luckily enough, it’s on a Wednesday this year which means that you are likely at work for the majority of the day anyway!

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