Father’s Day Gift Ideas

father's day

Are you ready for Father’s Day? Don’t worry, you haven’t missed it yet! Father’s Day is June 17th! There’s still time to get your dad the perfect gift.

I keep coming back to a Kindle for my dad! They have a full range of versions depending on your dad’s interest. I’d definitely recommend the Paperwhite though. Both my sister and brother in law have it and use it a ton! For a family of readers, it definitely cuts down on the volume packed for travel. If your dad already has a Kindle, try getting him a Kindle Unlimited subscription for Father’s Day.

If your dad is big into games, try Breakout Games! It brings all that nonsense of escape rooms right into your living room. My dad is also a big fan of Rummikub too! Then, you can have an activity to do with your dad on Father’s Day!

Get him something from his favorite sitcom. Whether it’s Fraiser, Friends, The Office, or Parks and Rec, there’s an option for everyone.

At the end of the day, just spend time with your dad. They do so much for us and deserve so much more than we give them. So, to all you dads out there (and all you mamas being both parents, and all of the dad-like figures, and so on), Happy Father’s Day!

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