Ways to Stay Connected, Now & Always

I’m pretty much a homebody. My home is comfortable, and I enjoy spending time there. I’ve developed my routine, and it will be difficult if (or when) I have to give that up for someone. However, this COVID-19/shelter in place thing is really kicking my butt.

Even a homebody like me went to the gym. Damn, I was getting into a great gym routine too. I would go to the library. I’d walk around stores. Maybe I didn’t go to friends’ houses or travel for the sake of adventure, but I left my home…spoke to people, acknowledged them, exchanged pleasantries.

My mom has been in Florida since the middle of March. Even when I was in college, I don’t think I’ve gone this long without seeing her. Yes, I’ve seen my dad, but I haven’t gotten any hugs. It takes something like coronavirus for you to realize how much your life can really change, what you have, and what you’re missing out on.

For me, it’s important to stay connected to people in some way, shape, or form. We’ve all had to become very creative in how we stay connected since our normal, “Let’s meet for a drink” is no longer an option.

Snail mail!

I love snail mail. Both sending it and receiving it. You’d be surprised how much even the smallest note can put a smile on someone’s face. You can get this pack of assorted cards, or try some blank ones!

Phone calls.

In a world of texting and social media commenting, pick up the phone and call someone. Check in on them. Say hello.

Take a virtual class together.

So many services are offering discounts and bundles. People have more time on their hands, so they’re learning new skills. Grab a friend and take a class together. Maybe you want to learn to knit or start on a new language. There are a TON of options, and it’s always nice to have someone to hold you accountable.

Start a buddy read.

I’ll likely be doing this very soon. Send a book to a friend, get one for yourself, and read it together! A girlfriend and I discovered that we coincidentally were reading the same book, and it was so nice to connect with her and talk about it.

Video conferencing.

There are so many different tools that do this. Of course you have the standard FaceTime, but my family has been utilizing Zoom a good bit. We’ve done a quick happy hour, a call to sing my niece happy birthday, and my sister even taught us a yoga class…across 4 different states!

Puzzle together.

This is like a buddy read, but it’s a puzzle. Buy one for you and one for a friend and put the puzzle together. You could even make it a contest and see who finishes first.


Now, this one I don’t have quite as much experience with, but there are games you can play with others across the internet. No need to cancel your game nights.

Netflix watch parties.

Did you know this was a thing? It’s like you do a FaceTime call, but you’re all watching the same thing. Honestly, The Bachelor needs to get in on this somehow.

We’re all feeling this need to stay connected now more than ever, but don’t let that feeling die when we are able to leave our homes again. Continue calling your friends and family. Set up regular video calls. Send cards and notes!

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