Holiday Gift Guide: Dog Owners

gifts for dog owners

Olivia is my little beast. Some days, she’s the perfect angel. Other days, she makes me want to pull my hair out and cry. In the end, she’s my favorite thing in the world. No one loves the way that dogs do. Dog people are my kind of people, so heed my recommendation on these perfect gifts for dog owners!

gifts for dog owners olivia

Cute Bags for Cookies

I love going places that are dog friendly: restaurants, breweries, parks. Cookies tend to keep her quiet for a bit, so I was taking baggies of them in my purse. The baggies would get gross, and then I’d end up with crumbs in the bottom of my bag! I had to hack this one a bit. Spoiler alert: it’s actually a pencil bag!

Poop Bags

I know this sounds silly and “why would anyone ask for this?” However, I bought this massive box of poop bags pretty soon after I adopted Olivia, and I haven’t had to buy any since. Seriously, that’s about 2.5 years without spending money on poop bags. I try and get some that are earth-friendly too. Yes, you can use grocery store bags, but who still has plastic bags from the grocery store?!

Fluff & Tuff Dog Toys

I cannot say enough good things about this brand. Someone purchased Boomer the Tiger for Olivia just a few weeks after she was adopted. She’s pulled the stuffing out of all but the head, and it’s still one of her favorites. We’ve evolved into a full zoo now. This brand is perfect for destructive dogs! They’re so well made with extra enforced fabric to prevent the stuffing from coming out. Meet the Powell Zoo:

Tennis Balls

If you have an active dog like Olivia, you can never have enough tennis balls. You don’t have to be too concerned with ball quality here like you would if you were a tennis player. Somehow, I always lose tennis balls. I swear, the dog park and tennis balls are the equivalent of the dryer with socks. They just disappear! Plus, sometimes it’s not worth it to pry your ball away from another drooly dog.

Harness & Light

Anyone who knows her will tell you that Olivia is high maintenance. I’ve probably made her that way, but I still feel guilty about however she spent the first year of her life before I adopted her. As such, she has two harnesses. One is a pretty harness for shorter walks. The other is a more heavy duty harness that can clip between her shoulders or at her chest (for better control). This one also has a handle at her back should I need to contain her.

Her pretty harness is from Blueberry Pet, and I love their brand! I also have a sweater for her, and her collar is Blueberry Pet as well. For the light, this is especially helpful in the winter. My apartment complex isn’t super well lit and there are hardly any sidewalks, so it gets increasingly dangerous to walk Olivia in the winter after 6:00pm.

Matching “Outfits”

There is this great brand on Amazon that will send you a matching bracelet with your purchase of a dog collar! I keep going back and forth on this, but it’s such a cute idea. Friendship Collar is the brand I’m familiar with, but there’s also Pettsie too!

In the end, gifts for dog owners are really things for the dogs themselves. You want things that will keep the beasts safe, happy, and occupied. Every minute spent with a new stuffed toy is a minute that dog owner isn’t playing tug-of-war or throwing a tennis ball.

Happy Holidays!

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