Ultimate Gift Guide: Professional Young Woman

gift guide professional young woman

Happy Holidays! I’m here to help make this time of year a little easier on you all. If you have any gift ideas you want to see, let me know! To kick it off, we’re starting with gift ideas for the “professional young woman”. Now, this isn’t necessarily a corporate woman. You can think of it as someone under the age of 40 who works. These gifts are meant to keep her organized, make her happy, and help this professional young woman stand out anywhere.

Day Designer Planner

This planner has been a gamechanger for me! I have hunted for the perfect planner for years, and this finally is exactly what I’m looking for. It has a day breakdown by half hours (perfect for meetings), and a daily checklist for all of your tasks! It’s definitely bulky, so it stays on my desk (rather than travel with me).

Wine Subscriptions

If the professional young woman in your life is anything like me, chances are she encounters some days that require wine. How helpful would it be if she had a few bottles delivered to her door every month? There are great services out there like Cellars Wine Club. They make it super easy to gift a subscription as well. Your professional young woman would just need to take a quick quiz so that Cellars Wine Club is able to send her a customized box based on her preferences!

Address Labels or Stationery

This is not only a professional young woman thing, but it’s also an “adulting” type thing too! I’m still a fan of snail mail and sending cards to people who are important to me. Whether it’s a birthday card or a thank you, or just saying hello, having your own address label for your return address just helps your outgrowing mail look more professional. This is also a great idea if your professional young woman has just moved into her own house or apartment for the first time.

Stationery is a great idea as well! This adds a special touch to any young professional woman’s desk. Let her next memo say, “From the Desk of…”

The Perfect Travel Mug

This is HUGE. Your girl is in meetings or commuting and needs to maintain a hot beverage or maybe a cold beverage, just depends on her preferences. BruMate is an AMAZING option for both. Click here to save 15% on your order! There are also some great options on Amazon too.

Lunch Box / Healthy Eating System

Now, before you go purchasing a “healthy eating system” (think: “meal preppers”), you need to make sure your professional young woman is interested in that type of lifestyle. It’s a lot to get in to, and you don’t want to go making any assumptions.

The issue I ran into when looking for a “grown up” lunchbox for work was that so many of them were too small for normal tupperware. Without the ability to bring leftovers or home cooked meals, you’re stuck eating sandwiches. While that works some days, a lot of the time, you want something better to get you through a long work day. A great benefit of a larger work day lunchbox is that it can also double as a weekend cooler!


Every young professional wants to work on themselves and grow in their career. One thing that can greatly contribute to a young professional’s growth is READING! These are some of my favorite picks for personal and professional development.

Stocking Stuffers

These are some great ideas under $25 for your professional young woman. This is a great section to help with Secret Santa or White Elephant parties too!

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