Gift Ideas for Staying Home

We’re all still getting used to staying at home. Even for those of us who didn’t have the most active social lives, it’s been an adjustment. We’ve all found different ways to cope or entertain ourselves. Since there doesn’t look to be an end in sight, try getting some gifts for your friends and family that makes staying home a little better.

Games & Puzzles

I live by myself, so I have done many a puzzle in my time staying home. I like to challenge myself to see how quickly I can get a puzzle done. They’re also great family or date night activities! Toss in some different games, and you’ve got a great weekend.

Fitness Equipment

A few months ago, I went on a hunt for free weights and could not find them anywhere. Since people stopped going to gyms, they’ve turned their homes into workout space. I’ve seen people get creative with the Peloton app and a basic exercise bike from Amazon. For me, I started doing Beachbody (No, I am not a coach, and I will not try to sell you on it).

Creativity Supplies

Everyone shows off their creativity a little bit differently. Some may paint or color or draw. Others may collage or journal or knit or crochet. I’ve even seen cross-stitching making a comeback. If you’re like me, you love to dance. You can even consider baking or cooking a way to show off your creativity.

Stress Relievers

Just like we all have different ways to be creative, we also have different ways that we relieve stress. We do “deep dive” questions at work sometimes, and our last one encouraged everyone to share different ways that they overcome stress. One of the girls says that she draws trees: “The tree doesn’t have to be perfect. The more stressed you are, the bigger the tree.” I tend to gravitate toward word or logic puzzles. The more you have to dedicate your mind to something other than what you’re stressing over, the less stressful it seems. We also had runners and knitters and a myriad other ways people relieve stress.

Something Cozy

Perhaps a blanket or a nice oversized sherpa. Everyone likes to be cozy, especially in the winter! Something cozy could be something to wear, something to drink, or maybe even something to read!

Head over to Down the Book Jar for my latest reads and books I’m loving. They’ll make great gifts!

One thing you should certainly be aware of: Don’t buy anyone something they didn’t ask for or won’t use. We’re all (still) stuck at home, staring at all of the things we have. No one wants to stare at things they don’t want or won’t use. If you’re worried, err on the side of caution!

Check out my other gift guides if you’re still looking for some more inspiration!

With all this being said, Olivia and I want to wish you the happiest of holidays.

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