{Grown Up} Summer Reading Bingo

Did you guys ever participate in the summer reading program at your local library when you were growing up? I think we did it almost every summer. You could get rewarded (things like bigger check out limits or ice cream cones) for reading. How simple is that?!

Unfortunately, as you get older, you don’t get rewarded as much for reading. You also don’t get time off for summer reading. It’s just another season of work (for most of us).

Also, we’re in the age of millennials, which means that we all need to be praised and rewarded for everything that we do. I’m talking about all the gamification of everything and participation trophies and ribbons and such. Seriously, unless I participated in something super epic, I don’t need to be reminded that I did it.

With all of that being said, I’ve designed a fun summer reading bingo card for you! Ideally, you use one book for one square, though there may be a reward for who cleared their board with the fewest number of books. That may impress me. Anyway…as an example of what I mean, reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn should not count as both “A book written by a female author” and “A book by Gillian Flynn”. Also, bookmark the Book Reviews section of this site to be sure you catch a book I’ve mentioned. It could come from a standalone review or a roundup!

Goal: Fill the board.

summer reading bingo grown up adult library
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As you’re reading this summer, tag @downthebookjar and #summerreadingbingo to share your progress. I’ll do a giveaway at the end of the summer because I am so ready to share some books with all of you.

Happy Summer Reading!

summer reading bingo adults grown up
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  1. Helen Cammon says: Reply

    I love this idea!! Definitely going to print this and complete 👍

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