The Trumpet Lesson by Dianne Romain

Thank you, JKS Communications, for the complimentary book! The Trumpet Lesson by Dianne Romain officially publishes on September 24th, so happy almost pub day! This novel “explores how societal attitudes about teenage pregnancy, race, adoption, family, and homosexuality affect personal integrity.”

the trumpet lesson dianne romain

The Story

The Trumpet Lesson follow Callie Quinn in a smaller town called Guanajuato in Mexico. One day, she sees a young artist perform “The Lost Child” in a public square. Working up the courage, she asks for trumpet lessons.

It it through these lessons and her connection to the music that Callie begins to truly come to terms with the daughter she gave up almost thirty years earlier. She connects with her own mother and learns more about her family in the process.

The Beauty

It’s hard to describe how well Ms. Romain puts you into the world of this story. A lot of times, novels take place in fictional places or the exposition addresses character development more than the location. You could almost feel the breeze on your face. More than that, the way she wrote about the connections between characters left almost nothing to be wanted.

Also, can we just talk for a moment about what a cute name Callie Quinn is? I immediately loved the character for her name alone.

Needless to say, The Trumpet Lesson is a lovely first novel from Dianne Romain. As she stated in an interview, “…there is gold to be found in dark places.” It’s just such a lovely connection between the location of Guanajuato and inner turmoil we can all go through. Well done.

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