The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

secret keeper kate morton

If you’re a “bookstagrammer” like I am, you probably saw Kate Morton’s The Clockmaker’s Daughter all over Instagram a few months ago. I heard good things, so I’ll probably pick it up some time in the future, when it doesn’t have the “brand new book” price tag. I was super pleased when I found The Secret Keeper at the wonderful library book sale! Yay, bargain books!

the secret keeper kate morton

The Story

Like so many of the books I’ve been reading recently, The Secret Keeper is told in two different times, but a connected storyline. We follow Laurel as she works to discover the very private history of her mother, Dorothy. Our first storyline 2011 Laurel, at the end of Dorothy’s life, working through the secrets her mother has been carrying with her for decades. Our second follows Dorothy in her youth, in the 1940s in England (during the London Blitz).

Phenomenal Ending

The Secret Keeper was a bit of a monster. It’s a thicker book, but it moved so quickly. The story was constantly engaging and just so lovely. Yes, I did shed some tears, but give me some credit. Parts of the story are a woman at the end of her life!

Somehow, The Secret Keeper managed to be both suspenseful and lovely all at the same time. There was a wonderful twist in the last few pages that just tied the entire novel together. If the rest of Kate Morton’s writing is this wonderful, I look forward to reading so much more.

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