The River Widow by Ann Howard Creel

the river widow ann howard creel

One of my new favorite things is Amazon Prime’s First Reads program. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you get one free ebook every month. These are new releases, or books that haven’t even been released yet! That’s how I came to own The River Widow by Ann Howard Creel.

The Story

The River Widow follows Adah Branch in the midst and aftermath of a terrible storm and flood that nearly destroyed her small town. As we open the novel, Adah accidentally kills her abusive husband Lester. After dragging his body in to the flood waters, she is also swept away. She’s rescued from a rooftop, and then remembers her stepdaughter, Daisy.

Daisy has been staying with Lester’s family. He learned his abusive tendencies somewhere, and it’s quickly apparent exactly where it came from. Adah returns to the home of her in laws exclusively with the hope that she can protect little Daisy.

Will The River Widow be successful?

Honestly, I’m not sure. I gave the book three stars. The family was unnecessarily mean. Their grammar was terrible, so reading their dialogue was difficult.

I was quite bothered by the addition of a new love interest for Adah. I liked the fact that there was someone there for her, looking out for her. However, the ending completely nullified all of their relationship.

Speaking of the ending, it felt like The River Widow needed to be wrapped up rather quickly. Almost like the author ran out of ideas and wrapped it all up as quickly as she could.

All in, The River Widow was a great travel read. It kept me entertained and wanting to find out how it ended. I guess that’s a mark of a decent novel.

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