Single State of Mind by Andi Dorfman

single state of mind

I really loved Andi’s first book. It’s Not Okay. I related to it on a deep level, so personal that I didn’t even blog about it. I had high hopes for her second book, Single State of Mind. One of my girlfriends bought it for me for my birthday, and I’ve finally gotten around to reading it. Since I’m still single after two years, I thought it would be good for me!

single state of mind

Initial Thoughts

The story picks up right where It’s Not Okay ends. Andi is hopping on a plane to NYC to start her life over in a new city! I am so envious of that. What I would give to have the guts to do that, especially to NYC. Just buy a one way ticket and be done. We follow along with Andi as she apartment hunts and finds a new neighborhood. Her heart is still a little bit broken, but she’s becoming her own in her new home.

That’s kind of where the book starts to go downhill. It pains me to write this because I feel I am Andi, just poorer, blonde-ish, and not famous. I’m just surprised that the book was approved by the editors.


The Issues

I found two typos in the book. TWO! That never happens. When a book makes it to print, it should be perfect. Sometimes, I’ll try and see if the sentence makes sense and it’s just my issue, but there were two very real typos that compromised the strength of the sentences. Grammar aside, it was the story.

Congratulations to Andi for being a sexy and successful woman who is confident in her own skin. But every chapter was about some sort of conquest with a man. Some she slept with, others she didn’t. Most are influential or loaded. The chapters went on and on about her whining about boys. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had a lot of the same feelings she’s had as a single female over the age of 25 living in the South. However, how many times can you whine about the quality of the sex with a guy?

I just want to take her and shake her for a minute! You have this platform that gets what you have to say in front of millions of readers. With or without being a talented writer! She elects to use her platform to whine about boys. An entire book (well most of one) complaining about boys. And she complains about money too! If I understand The Bachelor/Bachelorette world correctly, people essentially hand them things. They gain hundreds of thousands of social media followers willing to do and buy just about anything, just dropping affiliate commissions in their laps.

Now, I continued to relate with her on some things. Mostly about becoming so comfortable in my single state of mind that it will take a very impressive man to break my routine. I relate to her fears of maybe never finding someone because my standards are too high. And I also relate to how she swipes through a dating app because I do the same thing.

If you loved It’s Not Okay, you probably won’t like Single State of Mind as a book. If you love Andi Dorfman like I do, you’ll give it a shot. Unless her next book is about finding your confidence and building strength as a single female, I may not be back.

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