Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick

Confession, I actually finished this book in July, but saved it for August. I guess I’m just buying time to read my next book. Thanks for not judging me, world.

Scrappy Little Nobody, “Guys in LA”, Page 122


{In regards to Anna Kendrick realizing she no longer liked guys who didn’t like her.}

When I first realized this was happening I didn’t want to mention it to anyone. I didn’t even want to fully acknowledge it to myself. I thought I might jinx it or scare it away. How many times have I thought, ‘Wow, I guess I’m just at that point in my life where healthy foods are more appealing’, only to end up facedown in a plate of melted cheese and maple syrup.

I mean, we’ve all seen the video of Anna Kendrick (below), where she’s basically the girl I want to call my best friend, right? Part of her book talks about how she would go to her Ikea-furnished apartment after awards shows, change into pajamas/sweatpants, and keep all of the makeup and jewelry on.

The Layout

The book is, of course, chapters, each of which surrounds a different anecdote and real-life applicable lesson. The book is also grouped into sections, such as “Boys” (my personal favorite) and “Hollywood”. The book is just written in a super relatable way. There aren’t excessively large words used, and enough cursing to make me feel better about myself.

So, me being a book nerd that I am, I actually have feedback on the physical book itself. For example, why that paper? I mean, there are pictures in the book, but it’s not a gloss paper. So the images are black and white. There’s one of her in a show she did when she was younger in theatre, and I’m dying to see the volume of color on her puffy “Bo Peep” dress.

Also, though this isn’t a question, what attention to detail to include an engraved signature on the book (behind the jacket). That’s a class act to your book designers, Ms Kendrick.

The Content

I haven’t actually laughed out loud  at a book since I read Mindy Kalings Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me? That book was an absolute gem. Anna Kendrick’s book made me laugh at least once every chapter. I would send pictures of hilarious or relatable sections to my friend in Chattanooga.

One particularly “poignant” section that I think we all deal with was a discussion between Anna and a friend about a guy Anna was into:

A: “Do you think I’m coming across overeager? Do I need to play it more cool with him?”

F: “Maybe? Why don’t you just not call him for a while and wait for him to get in touch with you?”

A: “Well, if I didn’t call him at all we’d never talk again.”

(Oh, Sweet Anna.)

How many times have we all said this?! I know I’m definitely guilty of it. Ladies (or gents), if you’re in a situation where you’re always initiating conversation, give up on that person. You deserve so much more!

Another gem:

Some dudes like to say that men have the instinct to spread their seed, while women are supposed to protect their reproductive organs from everything but the best sperm for the strongest potential offspring. By that logic, every woman in the world should be saving herself for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and never let any of you shitheads touch her. Seriously, you guys should stop using that argument.

That little nugget of wisdom was a footnote!

Why relatable?

I mention that she’s relatable a couple of times. Maybe more-so to me. I’m not sure. Regardless, Anna started off as a child in theatre. She wasn’t commercial, but loved Broadway. When she moved to LA, she failed a good bit (as I think all stars might?). She talks about how she Ikea-furnished her apartment and lived with roommates for years to afford living there.

She talks about being completely inept with boys. Dealing with the woes of fashion. Once upon a time, she was sewn into a dress/necklace combo, and had to get a flight attendant to cut her out of it on a private jet after she performed at the Oscars on her way back to New York…

Okay, that’s not relatable at all, but what a cool story!

In summation,

If you’re looking for a fun, lighthearted read, I would definitely recommend Scrappy Little Nobody. It was a quick read, and absolutely hilarious. Anna Kendrick has always been this super cool/interesting entity, but now I just really want to be her best friend. If you’re reading this, Anna, let’s talk.

If you’re too lazy to read her book, you should at least follow her on Twitter.

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