Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica

every last lie mary kubica

I’ve been on a “thriller” kick recently. Maybe that’s been a theme of this year? Reading thriller type books to distract myself from all of the other nonsense going on. My cousin (Thanks, Johnny!) actually recommended another book, Something in the Water, that I need to add to my #TBR list in the Book Jar. Moving on! My last read was Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica.

If you recognize her name, it’s because she wrote The Good Girl which I LOVED! It was one of those books that reminded me of why I love to read. When I knew I had a couple of trips coming up, I went straight to the Libby app to see what was available for my Kindle from my local library. I was PUMPED when Every Last Lie was available. I hadn’t heard of it, but I love Mary Kubica, so I went for it.

every last lie kindle

Initial Thoughts

So, I guess it’s a staple of the genre to split the point of view to one being current and moving forward, and the other to work from the past up to the pivotal moment. I’ve mentioned a few times that I don’t love it, but it’s all over these suspenseful novels!

Every Last Lie follows Clara and Nick Solberg. They have a daughter, Maisie, and a newborn son, Felix. We find out in the first few pages that Nick has been killed in a terrible car accident where he ran into a tree. Maisie, who was in the car with him, is terrified that “the bad man” is coming after them since the accident. Thus, Clara believes with her whole heart and mind that this was no accident and someone in Nick’s life was out to hurt him.

Nick’s chapters of the story are, of course, those from the past. We meet secondary characters, all with a motive. So…in the end, who killed Nick Solberg?

Would I Recommend Every Last Lie?

If you’re looking for a simple read, maybe something that’s available through Libby from your local library, yes, pick up Every Last Lie. The novel was engaging and it mostly kept you guessing. I was a bit surprised by how the book ended. It didn’t catch me by surprise, but I was a little let down.

All in all, I still like The Good Girl better, but I’m not writing Mary Kubica off after Every Last Lie. She has a few more novels, so I’m going to get my hold requests in at the library now!

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