A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab

We’re wrapping up the full Shades of Magic series now. A Conjuring of Light is the third and (so far) final novel in the series, picking up immediately where A Gathering of Shadows left off. We’re following the same characters through a continuation of the same plot line.

Initial Thoughts

For starters, I would be so upset if I was reading these books as they came out. How on earth can an author feel good about leaving a novel with such an incomplete ending?! Secondly, I felt that a lot of this book was unnecessary. To me, it felt a bit like the last Harry Potter novel, or, as I like to call it, Harry Potter and the Camping Trip.

There were so many flash backs (which I liked) and long plot lines that I didn’t feel moved the story along too terribly much. There was also a HUGE potential story line dropped in there and then not completed. Why even bother?!

Love Stories

Yes, plural love stories. I appreciated Kell and Lila finally becoming something official and just leaning into it. As for Rhy and Alucard…I didn’t hate it. There was a lot of animosity around it (mostly between Kell and Alucard), which was frustrating.

In the End

I’m pleased that I read this series. A Conjuring of Light wrapped up the story nicely. Couples that deserve to be together ended up together. Certain people died a peaceful death where they belonged. It all wrapped up very quickly and very nicely. Most likely, about 100 pages or so could have easily been cut from the novel, with no breach of understanding the story.

Our book club at work has had a great time trying to cast the movie for this series. I was way off (especially with the ages), but I think we got a few of our stars that we agreed upon. Any casting directors want to talk with me about my ideas…just hit me up!

Delilah Bard
Rhy Maresh
Alucard Emery

…might think about switching those last two based on the ages of the characters. Alucard is older than Rhy.

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