Friday Five: February

february friday five

So…what happened to February? I feel like I haven’t stopped moving for weeks! February has had a TON of family. My birthday was even this month! Here’s to hoping 27 is the best year ever.

Foam Roller

It’s a running joke in my family how many times I bring up how much I love my foam roller. My parents will complain about back or muscle pain. Seriously, so many problems can be solved with the foam roller. For anyone suffering muscle pain or tightness, I cannot recommend it enough. I also have a textured one for when I’ve pushed a workout too far.

Young Adult Fiction

It’s so nice to take a step back and read a book that really allows you to just disappear in the story. In February, I’ve taken a dive back in to the Inkworld trilogy. It’s engaging, and makes a hundred pages just fly by.

Screen Time Monitor

Thank you, iPhone. I’ve set limits on certain apps and my phone itself to help me be better about disconnecting. Only 60 minutes on social media per day, and 95% of my apps are disabled from 9:30pm-6:30am. This helps keep me away from work and social media when it’s unnecessary. You can set limits for all of your apps if you’d like! It has helped me spend less time scrolling, and more time reading or blogging.

My New Sleep Masks

I am someone who needs total and complete blackness when I sleep. There’s a street lamp outside my bedroom window, and it’s far too bright. When I stay at my parents’ house, there are so many flashing lights between the alarm system and a computer monitor. These new sleep masks I purchased are phenomenal! There’s room to blink and open your eyes if you need to, it doesn’t cover your nose, and they’re just soft. Can’t recommend them enough.

Water Flavoring

Yes, like Crystal Light. It’s a goal to drink at least 64oz of water per day. I mean, water helps with everything! I get bored of regular water though, so I’ve stocked up on the different water flavoring packets. Some have electrolytes or antioxidants. There’s one set that claims “energizing,” but I think that one is all in my head.

I’m also a big fan of detox waters! My favorite is lemon, cucumber, and mint. Put it in a pitcher and let it steep overnight. It’s just enough flavor and works wonders!

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