December’s Not Just About Christmas | Wedding Saturday

December may just be my favorite month. It’s entirely possible that it’s only because it’s Christmas time. A lot of brides tend to shy away from having a wedding in December. The holidays can already be stressful (and expensive) enough without adding a wedding in there too. However, it can make for a truly incredible wedding.


A lot of brides won’t do it because it’s too cold. Unless you’re pretty far south, chances are that a wedding in December will be chilly for your guests. For me, I can do just about anything, so long as I’m prepared for it. Your guests know about the wedding in advance, so they have plenty of time to purchase thermal underwear to hide under their long dresses or suits.

There are also these super cool inventions called heaters. Most venues who offer outdoor events in the winter where it’s cold will have these. Also, firepits.


Now, depending on where you get married, you can play with a lot of colors. I’d try and stay away from the more “fall colors” (orange, rust, golden yellow, etc.) Pull in some greens, and not necessarily the standard Christmas green. Use sage or hunter/forest green. You can use red too, without making it feel like Christmas colors. Burgundy or maroon are lovely this time of year.

Having a “Winter Wonderland” type of wedding also gives you a super easy excuse to use glitter almost everywhere! Really, that’s my calling in life.

However, I think the reason I would be drawn to a December wedding is for the allowance of excessive amounts of lumberjack plaid (though I believe it’s officially called “buffalo plaid”).

buffalo plaid

The Exit

So, I actually found a few things that I LOVED for a December wedding. As you’re leaving, have everyone ringing jingle bells! How sweet is that?! Or, you can do some fake (or real, depending on where you live) snow or sparkles! Just make sure that whatever you’re throwing is environmentally friendly.


Enjoy your wedding, and Happy Holidays!

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