Breaking Out of the Rut

I haven’t been blogging much recently. I’ve been in a rut…a crazy rut. You know those commercials for medication to treat depression? I’ve been answering “Yes” to all of those questions they ask to help you self diagnose.


It’s been difficult for me to figure out what’s been going on. After work, I just come home and don’t really do anything. I wasn’t blogging, working out, reading…I came home and just sat. Why? Nothing negative had happened to trigger poor feelings or laziness. I wasn’t injured. I wasn’t sick.

At the end of the day, that’s not okay. Yes, you can be down and take a day off every once in a while. But weeks off? Absolutely not! So…I’m starting again.

Eating healthy.

Working out.

Blogging (for real).

You have my word. I’m going to work to be better! No more laziness or wallowing in self pity and nothingness. Let’s do this!


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