Bon Voyage! Adios! Addio!

Happy Friday! I have some lovely news to share (though it’s not really news if you’re friends with me). I am headed to Europe today!


Ahh! I’ve never been, and I’m super excited (and also terrified, for the record). My parents and I leave this evening to go visit my sister and her family. We’ll be visiting Rome, Florence, Spain, and I don’t even know where else. I wasn’t involved in the planning, so I don’t know much of what’s going on. This is also a side effect of being the unmarried, youngest child in the family.
With that being said, Adventures in Nonsense is going to take a bit of a vacation as well. I have a couple of posts scheduled to go live for my book review next week, and Father’s Day next weekend. However, no recipes or spontaneous posts. It’s only for a couple of weeks, I promise! This is my first non-working vacation in three years, so I’m going to TRY to enjoy it.
I’m looking forward to having a TON of pictures to share! If you have any last minute tips to surviving an international flight, please pass them along. The longest I’ve flown was to/from Seattle for ~5 hours…the flight to Rome is about twice that. Yikes! I have lots of books, lavender essential oil, and some brain puzzles. Any sleep tricks? I’ve never been one who can sleep on a plane.
I’m also trying a lot of new products on this trip, so I plan do fill you all in on my new favorite travel essentials when I get back. Keep an eye on social media! I might get to post a few times while we’re abroad. Links are on the right!

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