Tips for Working from Home

tips working home

I was blessed with an opportunity to move to a new city and work remotely with my current job. It led me to Marietta, GA. Being able to work from home meant that I needed to find an apartment with a space that could work for an office. I’m not talking about a fold up table or just using my bed. I wanted a real office area to use.

work from home

I’ve learned quite a bit from working from home. Everyone told me that it would be different. I’ve worked remotely on various trips and travels I’ve had, but it’s quite different when it’s something you’re doing daily. If you’re looking to work remotely, take my tips to heart.

One. Avoid distractions. Remember, you’re working! Don’t put on Netflix or movies if they’re going to distract you.

Two. Keep your routine, or develop a new one. It’s important to keep regular work hours. You’re still employed by your company. Respect their time, and the time of those you work with. If your head office’s hours are 9am-5pm, be sure you’re available for at least 80% of this work time.

Three. Get ready! This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to dress as you would if you were in the office, but get ready nonetheless. Take a shower, wash your face, change your clothes…whatever you need. You’ll feel better if you get ready.

Four. Have an office space. I learned in school that you should never work where you sleep. Get a desk with a chair, and work there. Some of my favorite office/desk supplies:

Five. Go outside and walk around. When you work in an office space, chances are that you’ll have human interactions while you work. It’s easier to become engrossed in your work when you’re working from home. Remember to take the time to step away from your desk and reset your mind a bit.

Working from home is a blessing. Just remember to maintain your productivity. Just the other day, there was an office-wide event that pulled the majority of in-office employees away from their work. Since I was working from home, I was able to create four landing pages, coordinate an email campaign, develop a marketing plan for our impending birthday, and write a full blog post. Yay, productivity!

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