A Guide to National Book Lover’s Day

I love quirky holidays. My birthday happens to fall on National Wine Day. It’s always fun to celebrate something different that has the opportunity to bring you together with a community of people who love what you do. For National Book Lover’s Day on August 9th, I’m giving you a complete guide on how to celebrate and enjoy (or start) your love of reading so that you can be a book lover too.

book lover day august

Become a Book Lover.

There are so many different resources for books, both free and paid. More often than not, I prefer to rent books from the library or buy them secondhand. If it’s an author I know that I love, I’ll probably be on the waitlist and get it brand new.

Free resources:

  • Libby/Overdrive: Libby connects to any library card and you can rent audiobooks and eBooks for free!
  • Gutenberg: This is mostly eBooks of the classics, but who doesn’t love a good classic?
  • BookBub: They have free eBooks and great discounts on other eBooks as well.

Subscription Services & Paid:

  • 2nd & Charles: This is my guilty habit. They have a TON of books, and they’ll buy back your books too. You always get more if you opt for the store credit over the cash option. Also, if you find a book you like at the front or in the middle, go to the shelves because they probably have one for cheaper! Also, their clearance wall is full of book for $1 or $2! I have a ton of tips for shopping there.
  • Amazon: This will be one bullet point because they have SO MANY different ways to grow your love of books. You can, of course, buy books. Heck, that’s how Amazon got started. Then, there’s Kindle Unlimited, Audible, First Reads, and more! You can always get a book here pretty inexpensively too.
  • Audiobooks.com: You get two free audiobooks when you sign up!
  • Local bookstores: It never hurts to support local bookstores. A lot of times, they do events with authors that are great!

I dated someone who was not a reader. Homeboy didn’t own any books. He started with The Hunger Games and then started to read a little bit more. If he could start enjoying reading, anyone could.

Fit reading into your every day.

One of my favorite things to work reading into down times is having my Kindle on me at all times. In the waiting room at a doctor’s office, getting my oil changed, waiting for family to arrive to dinner…the uses are endless. Even if you don’t have a Kindle, the app itself is free!

Other ways to add reading into your days:

  • Read before bed for at least 15 minutes.
  • Read on your lunch break.
  • Listen to an audiobook on your commute or during your workout.
  • Grab a buddy and start a buddy read.
  • Start a book club at work.

In the end, it doesn’t take much for you to become a book lover. Reading for just 15 minutes every day can open up a world of possibilities. Even if you don’t like to sit and read, you can listen to books now. It’s like having someone reading to you wherever you go. How cool is that?

Looking for more fun holidays? Check out National Today! It’s my go-to for the eclectic and lesser known dates.

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