First dates are the worst.

I wish that I could fast forward to three or four months in with “the one”. None of that awkward first date crap. I’ve barely been dating, and I’m already tired. Why can’t it be like Sabrina, The Teenage Witch? They had soulmate stones (or whatever they called them). You were a perfect fit and completed the circle with whoever it is. What’s the equivalent in this world? Nothing. Just trying, I guess.

What makes for a successful first date? Chemistry, I think. I went on one where, when he walked into the restaurant, I immediately wasn’t attracted to him at all. There also can’t be lulls in conversation! Compared to long term couples, you barely know anything about each other. How can you possibly not have anything to say?

I don’t know how people just casually date. What even is that? I guess I am just meant for relationships. I think back to how my last relationships have started, and I realize that I just kind of fell into them. It was immediately comfortable and fun. Where is that now? Am I punishing myself by not settling? I want someone who I feel I can just be friends with and immediately start having fun with.

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