You are not alone.

That’s been my mantra for the last few weeks. Whenever everything feels like it’s crumbling beneath you, and you feel like you’re entirely on your own, just remember that you’re not.

Yesterday, I said goodbye to my sister and her family. They’re moving to Spain for 21 months (Thanks, Navy.). There will be some visits here and there, but it’ definitely going to be an adjustment for the whole family.

A major retailer made an adjustment to their Terms of Service that might render my job obsolete.

I come home every night after work to a (mostly) empty house. Olivia is great for a pickmeup when I need it though.

Things have got to turn around. Whether I do it, or some magical force in the world steps in, I’m just ready for things to turn around. You know it’s been bad when someone else tells you that you’ve had it rough for a few months. So…here’s to hoping my luck turns around.

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