Publishers and Authors, Let Me Read Your Books!

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Come one. Come all! I want to read your books! I love the opportunity to read new books. I’ve had the honor of working with a couple of different publishers and authors over by #BookJar days, and I’d love to expand my network.

You, as authors, put your heart and your soul into the books that you write. Being able to read what you’ve written is like getting a glimpse into your life. That’s so incredibly special. Current author I’m loving? D.E. Night and The Crowns of Croswald.

Publishers, your authors and their books are like your family. You want them all to succeed. There’s nothing better for new books than the #bookstagram community. I’ve been able to work with JKS Communications a few times now (Thanks, Hannah!). Their latest send? The Trumpet Lesson by Dianne Romain.

That’s where I come in. One of my favorite things to do when I love a book is to share it with the world. When I read Gone Girl, I immediately forced everyone I know to read it. After I read The Good Girl, I actually went and bought copies for multiple people. So far, the books I recommend are highly revered and get picked up by multiple people. Except for Ethan Frome. I loved that one in high school, but no one else jumped on that bandwagon, but it’s my only “miss.”

Anyway, connect with me! You can shoot an email over to or slide into my DMs on Instagram (@downthebookjar). I may not have a huge following, but I surely will love your books and your clients. Plus, I’m trying to not purchase any books in 2020, so you’d be doing me a real solid in sharing.

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